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Friday, June 26, 2015

Time to give back

Ok everyone it's time to give back on Saturday, July 11th, we will be meeting at the High Bridge Boat launch on the Manistee River at 9am for a river clean up event with Michigan United Conservation Club, the Metro West Steelheaders and the Steelhead Manifesto crew!
The Manistee River, runs 190 miles through Michigan’s Northern Lower peninsula, is considered to be one of the best steelhead, trout and salmon fisheries east of the Rockies! Because of the popularity the river needs some help to keep it clean.
Lunch will be provided for all volunteers by MUCC as well as a free On the Ground T-shirt and a free digital subscription to Michigan OutofDoors Magazine. We also have some super Prizes up for grabs for our volunteers from some awesome companies that care.
PLEASE Sign up and register below to volunteer for clean up!

Do you own a Work Sharp?

I bought this product last year and found it on sale for $79.99. Boy oh boy am I happy I did. This my friends is a great little tool. Not only do I keep my fillet knifes razor sharp for hatchery fish or those tasty bluegills. But you can do it very fast and easy with little effort. I discovered this past weekend that my fishing scissors can be real sharp too. I love the small little Rapala scissors but my only complaint with them is they are not sharp enough out of the box.

I don't know too many fishermen that do this. Maybe you should consider and ask yourself the following? Ever been on the river and try to cut off a spawn bag with dull scissors? How about braided lines? Or try to trim a marabou jig or fly down? How about when your tying up spawn bags? Dull scissors will slow you down. Not NO more the Work Sharp, it is made and based here in Ashland, Oregon. And on the angle guide they supply with the unit is a magnetic guide with all the perfect angles. In this case the perfect 65 degree angle for sharpening your scissors.

Here in the Great Lakes region it has rained for 2 weeks and many rivers have been blowed out. So while getting gear ready for the Skamania run I sharpened all my scissors. I was even able to pull guide off angle belt down and sharpen the small scissors on my William Joseph Hemo stats. This company or product is a sponsor here. I post this because I love this product. Give it a try and you will too.

Suggested Reading

Want to take your game to the next level? Are you a fishy dude? Read this book? I was doing a seminar a few weeks back and a fella told me about this book. Wow its a game changer and a eye opener. We have all heard the theories on barometric pressure and effects on fishing. I personally have believed a lot of these theories and preached them for years. But this book has a lot of answers to those unanswered questions. Now this is a long read 350 pages worth but worth it in my opinion.


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