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Monday, May 27, 2013

Angling group has grand plan for Grand River

Article published by Outdoor News

Posted on May 9, 2013

Grand Rapids, Mich. — A community group with close ties to the Grand Rapids Chapter of Michigan Steelheaders is promoting a plan for the Grand River as an alternative to an effort to remove a popular fishing dam and restore the rapids.
Grand River Future Vision wants to leave a fish ladder and dam at Grand Rapids’ Sixth Street Bridge and add new facilities that will allow kayakers and other paddling enthusiasts to bypass the structure, Steve Heintzelman, co-president of Grand River Future Vision and president of the Grand Rapids Steelheaders group, told Michigan Outdoor News.
GRFV officials presented a sketch of the group’s vision for the river at a shareholders meeting on the future of the Grand last month, and plan to meet with city officials in the coming weeks to discuss the details.
The GRFV plan would create a second fish ladder on the east side of the river, and a dam bypass for kayakers on the same side. A GRFV sketch incorporates a pedestrian walkway over the river, as well as 12 feet of drop in elevation between the Sixth Street Bridge and the dam, which is actually closer to Fourth Street in downtown Grand Rapids.
Heintzelman said the proposed alternative is designed to appeal to all river users, from fishermen who would prefer to keep the dam in place and school children who come to the fish ladder to learn about natural resources, to whitewater enthusiasts who want to navigate the waterway unobstructed.
The GRFV plan comes after years of discussion on restoring the downtown rapids through an extensive $27.5 million project promoted by Grand Rapids Whitewater. The Grand Rapids Whitewater plan reportedly removes the Sixth Street Dam and several others with the goal of restoring the river and creating a kayaking destination.
Officials with the Michigan DNR, GRFV, and the state chapter of Michigan Steelheaders agree that one of the biggest issues with any plan will center on how to hold back invasive sea lamprey that come up the river to spawn.
The GRFV plan incorporates a gate in the kayak spillway to prevent sea lamprey passage, while the Grand Rapids Whitewater Plan calls for an inflatable barrier farther upstream, officials said, although the Grand Rapids Whitewater plan is not readily available to the public.
“Another issue we have is a federally endangered snuff-box mussel” that lives in the river and could be disturbed with extensive river renovations, Heintzelman said.
“We’re trying to include things for everybody, because there are a lot of people who use the river,” he added.
Many handicapped and elderly fishermen use the east wall of the river by the dam for easy fishing access, and the GRFV plan would preserve that opportunity, he said as an example of those who could lose access with the Whitewater plan.
In a prepared statement, Grand Rapids Whitewater co-founder Chip Richards said GRFV’s proposal “is an interesting idea and we welcome all contributions.”
“It lends to the larger public process being designed by Grand Rapids city leaders that will engage the community in conversation regarding the entire river corridor downtown,” Richards said in an email.
“There is an ongoing process to discuss and evaluate the benefits and constraints of what we have learned.”
Jay Wesley, southern Lake Michigan unit manager for the Michigan DNR, said restoring the rapids downtown would be ideal from a habitat standpoint, but that could make containing sea lamprey more difficult.
“We think it would be great (to restore the rapids) if that can be accomplished, but the sea lamprey issue may be too big an issue” to overcome, Wesley said.
“The DNR really hasn’t seen any plan yet. It’s all been conceptual.”
Removing the Sixth Street Dam is a concern for fishermen who have trekked downtown in pursuit of salmon and steelhead for decades, Wesley said, but he suspects fish would still gather in about the same area with or without the structure.
“That’s the first spot (in the Grand River) they find high gradient, fast waters … so it would still be a spot where fish slow down,” he said.
Wesley also said the GRFV’s plan seems feasible and “it’s got a lot of positives.”
Jim VanderMaas, a state director for Michigan Steelheaders, said it’s too early to support a specific plan, but he’s encouraged there are a variety of ideas to consider. Learning the details of how the elements of each plan might impact the resource will be critical moving forward, he said.
“I think before I say we can support a plan, we would have to see how it impacts fisheries and sea lamprey control and how it will affect access for all users,” VanderMaas said. “Those are the three key things in my mind.”

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First Smallmouth

Great Article from our friends at Mid Current. Click link and check it out.
First Smallmouth

Happy Memorial Day and Thank To our Veterans!

I first want to say THANK YOU to all our Veterans out there. Without you and your sacrifices none of this would be possible. Its been a great Holiday weekend so far. I took my Son and Nephew Fly Fishing for Small Mouth Bass on the Huron River on Saturday. Too bad the river was Chocolate Milk, made for some tough fishing. I also managed to bring the grill and made them boyz some hot dogs right on the river. Only 3 small fish were caught. But the time spent on the water was awesome and it was a beautiful Day.

Enormous New Zealand brown trout is possibly a world record

trout 1
Click Here
Enormous New Zealand brown trout is possibly a world record |

Saturday, May 25, 2013

“Lefty Kreh”

An adventure Down Under, chasing the hard-fighting Nuigini Black Bass on a fly.
Here is a picture of one. One bad fish click below and listen to Lefty tell the story.

Video Hatch: “Lefty Kreh”
Isn't she beautiful? I'm talking about the fish!

Demo Days at Schultz Outfitters

Fly Fishing Demo Days!

Demo Days - The Wait is Over

Friends, we finally have the details for our second annual Fly Fishing Demo Days (June 1st & 2nd) locked down and it's going to be a weekend to remember. Two days of FREE fly-fishing awesomeness @ the shop and adjacent Riverside Park. Check out all of the details below and then come on out and play!  Can't wait!

Warmwater Saturday Demos

12:30PM to 1:30PM - Mike Schultz: Advanced Smallmouth Tactics
2:30PM to 3:30PM - James Hughes: Stalking Carp
ALL DAY - Fly tying tent with demos nearly every hour - come watch us whip up our signature warmwater patterns!

Skagit Master 4 Premier!

To kick off Spey Day Sunday in proper fashion, we'll be screening the midwest premier of Skagit Master 4: Midwest Edition featuring Greg Senyo. Come out and see the film with the man himself. Space is limited so you must RSVP!

Spey Day Sunday Demos

11AM to 12PM – Jimmy Chang: Scandi Casting
12:30PM to 1:30PM – Peter Humphreys: The 4 Principles of Spey Casting
2:30PM to 3:30PM – Will Turek: Getting the Most out of the Forward Cast
4:30 – 5:30 Jeff Liskay: Skagit Casting

All Weekend Long

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Gear Trade In

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10AM to 12:30PM – Will Turek & Jeff Liskay: Skagit Casting Techniques

2 to 4:30PM – Peter Humphreys & Jimmy Chang: Grass Roots of Spey: Getting Started

2 to 4:00PM - Jay Wisnosky: Orvis Fly Fishing 201

You must RSVP and payment in full is required to hold your spot. Please be sure to specify which class you are interested in attending.
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Demo Days!

Sat & Sun, June 1st & 2nd
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Single Fly Tournament

Sat, June 15th
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Friday, May 24, 2013

North Country Dreamland

Today is Friday and alot of you are headed up North for the weekend. I picked this video because it is truly amazing. If you ever have any doubt that we are truly blessed to live in Michigan watch this video. I thank God I was born and raised in this state. We have so much beauty and an awesome fishery to boot. I wish everyone a safe journey this weekend and enjoy yourselves. Don't forget our troops and your family on this Holiday weekend.

Kind Regards.

Enjoy the Video

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Rep Your Water" Great Lakes Trucker Cap - Tee Shirts & Caps - Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters |

I'm buying one of these! These new Trucker Hats are awesome! Why didn't I think of these concept?

"Rep Your Water" Great Lakes Trucker Cap - Tee Shirts & Caps - Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters |

Great Lakes Lamprey on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Share This:
Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Click the image above to open the press release as a seperate document (includes photo).

Photo: Courtesy NBC Universal

For Immediate Release
 May 23, 2013 

Contact:  Marc Gaden


ANN ARBOR, MI—Sea lampreys, the Great Lakes’ most notorious noxious pest, invaded the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday as part of a segment featuring Jeremy Wade, the star of Animal Planet’s hit show River Monsters.  Mr. Wade (left in photo), who appeared on the Tonight Show to talk about the large, strange, and sometimes dangerous fish he encounters, stuck a sea lamprey on Mr. Leno, giving the late-night host an idea of what a trout or salmon in the Great Lakes experiences. 

Officials with the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and the U.S. Geological Survey worked with NBC and Animal Planet producers and directors to highlight the destructive nature of sea lampreys and to stress the successful control program in the Great Lakes.

The sea lamprey segment is available on the Tonight Show’s Website at: 

Or on the Great Lakes Fishery Commission’s multimedia page at:   

Sea lampreys entered the Great Lakes in the early 20th century through shipping canals.  They attach to fish with a suction-cup mouth ringed with sharp teeth.  A file-like tongue rasps through a fish’s scales and skin and feeds on the fish’s blood and body fluids.  The average lamprey will destroy about 40 pounds of Great Lakes fish.  Being invasive to the Great Lakes, sea lampreys have no natural predators to keep them in check.  The Great Lakes Fishery Commission, in partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, manages the sea lamprey research and control programs.  Sea lamprey control is successful, with lamprey populations reduced by 90% from their historical abundance.  The control program protects the $7 billion Great Lakes fishery.

For more information about sea lampreys and the control program, visit the Great Lakes Fishery Commission at   For more information about the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, visit  For more information about River Monsters with Jeremy Wade, on Animal Planet, visit


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Big Thank You from Frank Moore
click here

Dear Friends, those I know personally, and those I hope to see and know soon, so they will become close, loving friends also.
When this trip and filming project first came up I told the people in the production company I did not want them to solicit funding from friends and those who would give out of the goodness of their hearts, but to have Corporate Sponsorship. Their answer, my wife’s, my family, and many friends was, “Just remember one thing, you will be honoring all of those who have served, living and dead, as you retrace your steps through Europe oh so many years ago.”
I am so grateful, and yes so humbled, by the response individually from all of you to the call, (I still cannot believe it). Also to American Airlines for flying our son Frank, my wife Jeanne, and I, First Class from Portland to Frankfurt and return (WOW), and Patagonia for their above and beyond contribution to the trip.
Mark Hemstreet, Shilo Inns, is donating lodging for us coming and going also. Mark’s uncle, Bob Hemstreet, was in my unit during the war, and probably got as close to Berlin before VE Day as any American Soldier. Many years ago Mark donated a long weekend for a reunion of 75 members of our Unit, including rooms, meals, banquet, and a trip to Lincoln City so those from the east coast could see the Pacific Ocean.
I wish we could take each and every one of you with us on this amazing trip, that will take us to Luxembourg, and the American Cemetery there where we will be involved with the Memorial Day celebration, the streams of Normandy and Brittany to bring to life a dream of 70 years, then to June 6 services at the huge cemetery above Omaha Beach for that Memorial, as well as visiting the place where we went over the Dune at Utah Beach.
I will be carrying the names of everyone of you with us wherever we go, so THANK YOU,THANK YOUTHANK YOU, and much more, for the gift you have given and are giving to us. Wish I could hug each one of you.
With love, Frank Moore

Impossible catch of big brown trout in New Zealand

Someday I will make it there and fish these waters. This short video is so cool, enjoy. click here