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Monday, April 29, 2013

Wicked Twisted Road

This song is my life? On my wicked twisted road to Steelhead Fishing. Its a on going journey!

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My first love was a wicked twisted road I hit the million mile mark at seventeen years oldI never saw the rainbow much less a pot of goldYeah, my first love was a wicked twisted road
My first love was a castle in the sky Never thought I'd make it 'til I had the guts to try And I sat up in my tower while the whole world passed me by Yeah, my first love was a castle in the sky
My first love was a fearless drive in rain Scared to death I thought I'd never see her face again They say God was crying so I guess he felt my pain My first love was a fearless drive in rain
My first love was a wild sinful night I ran out with the big dogs, guess I had more bark than bite And though I won the battle, in the end I lost the fight Yeah, my first love was a wild sinful night
My first love was an angry, painful song I wanted one so bad, I went and did everything wrong A lesson in reality would come before too long Yeah, my first love was an angry, painful song
My first love was a wicked twisted road I hit the million mile mark at seventeen years old I never saw the rainbow much less a pot of gold Yeah, my first love was a wicked twisted road
My first love was a wicked twisted road

Standing Together

A man told his five children to go into the forest and each collect two sticks.  When they returned with the sticks, he gave each child one stick and asked him or her to break it.  Each child broke their stick easily.  Then the father bundled the remaining five sticks together and asked each child in turn to break the bundle of sticks.  No child could break the bundle!  He told his children, “each of you, like these sticks, is stronger when you stand together.”

We as conservationists--Democrat, Republican, independent; from the private, public or nonprofit sector-- are also stronger when together, and the Outdoors brings us together.  We must stand together and fight on conservation issues. It does not matter how you fish? What you fish with by what method? But we fish and stand together.

Let me cheer you up!

With us finally getting some nice weather this week. This video will cheer you up. For some fun times ahead. Enjoy

click here


I love these guys. Check out this video features Center Pinning Action on the Manistee here in Michigan!


The Drunken Fly Fishing Master! click here

Fishing High Water

This article is from our friends at Denaki Outdoors. Since we have been all about chocolate milk and high water I thought this might do the trick.
  1. Go fishing. Nobody ever caught a steelhead sitting at home on their couch. Don’t give up just because you don’t have 3 feet of visibility. The fish are still out there, just in different places. If the river’s in flood stage and conditions are dangerous, be safe and stay away. Otherwise, get out there!
  2. Fish a short line. When the river’s low, the best holding water for steelhead is often out in the middle of the river in the main current. When the river is high, they still prefer the same kind of water – only now, that water is often right up against the bank. Fish aren’t going to fight massive flows in the middle of the runs when the water is up, so keep your line short and cover the juicy holding water that’s now often 5 to 40 feet in front of you.
  3. Fish lighter tips. Contrary to what your intuition may tell you, you generally don’t need to be too deep when the water is up. With less clarity and higher flows, steelhead feel safer in shallower, softer water. That means that dredging may put your fly beneath the fish. On the end of that short line that you’re casting, fish a lighter sinktip. You may be surprised at what you find in not very much water.
  4. Fish big flies. Here’s your chance to break out the giant Intruders! Those big profile flies were designed for conditions in which it takes a big fly to get the attention of the fish. Go big. The right colors will depend on the river that you’re fishing, but in general, darker colors tend to be more visible in dirty water.
  5. Look for soft water. You already know that you should mostly be fishing a shorter line to stay out of the really heavy current. Steelhead like softer water when the level is up, so you should be on the lookout for it at all times. Maybe it’s right up against the bank. Maybe it forms on the edge of a big current seam. Maybe you should think about checking out a big back eddy. Think like a fish – where are the comfortable holding spots when the main river has all that current? Fish there.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Trout Opener is finally here! Many Guys are out this weekend fishing. So today posts are dedicated to you. Thought I would share a video from the Pere Marquette where the first Brown Trout were stocked here in Michigan. Where it all began.

Click here

Don't be a couch Potato this weekend! Get outdoors and wade a river Mr. Brown Trout awaits you.



The Brothers Brown

I saw this video at the Fly Fishing Film tour here in Ann Arbor. I would say this was one of my favorites of the show. If you have never made down to see the Fly Fishing Film Tour I highly recommend it. This DVD probably won’t be available until 2014. But it will be well worth the wait. The Brothers Brown
is the story of three streamer junky brothers who grew up fishing the lower Ausable a stretch known as the "trophy waters." This section of river is notoriously tough. 26 to 30-inch Brown Trout are not uncommon - spending days, weeks or even years trying to catch one however, is a different story.

But more importantly it's about family and tradition. Which we all cannot lose sight of and is just as important as the fish, river and the experience. Watch the trailer below and buy the DVD when it comes out. As a Fly fishing DVD junkie I know it will be well worth the purchase. Just my 2 cents, enjoy! Click Here

Look into Michigan Trout Fishing

Click here

Friday, April 26, 2013

Got Beaver?

The beavers are at work again on a local river near you!

Frank Moore: Mending the Line

This is a nice story about a legend.

Frank Moore

Mending the Line is a documentary about Frank Moore, a 90-year old WWII veteran and fly-fishing legend, returning to Normandy to fish the rivers he saw as a soldier.
Tough as nails, gentle as a poet, and determined as a badger, 90-year old Frank Moore loves to fly-fish. A World War II veteran, in 1944 he landed along with some 150,000 other troops on the beaches of Normandy, France for the D-Day Allied invasion. Despite the cacophony of war around him, the avid, young fly fisherman couldn’t help but notice the productive fisheries on the rivers he and his fellow troops crossed as they made their way into occupied France.
Frank’s lifetime accomplishments as a fly fisherman, conservationist and a veteran have earned him many awards, including the prestigious Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor, and recent induction into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. Moore has guided and fished with actors, congressman and executives over his storied angling career. He built and was the long-time proprietor of the world renowned Steamboat Inn along the North Umpqua River. Now, reflecting on his life, he is compelled to return to the rivers of Normandy, this time armed not with a gun, but with a fly rod and reel.

Banjo meets Spey Rod

Not a bad video but they need some Metal music. How about Rage against the machine?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chocolate Milk


Atlantic Salmon on the Fly

Really awesome video but too bad you and I will probably never make it there. Still a nice piece and worth watching. Its still ok to dream and have a bucket list.

U.P. Boyz Hitting the Alley

The U.P. still has a lot of snow. These Michigan Boyz made it out to the Alley and caught some fish. It's a nice little video I thought I would share! No Pasty recipes shared though. What's up with that?

Upper Peninsula Pasties Recipe

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


These Reels are SICK!

Some Old Dudes getting it done West Coast Style!!!!!

Metalhead Trailer - AEG Media

This movie is not new by any means and has been out for a few years. But its my favorite steelhead DVD. Just in case you have never seen it check it out! See Movie Trailer below.

Metalhead - DVD

Sometimes you just have to laugh!


After my previous post I had to share something funny!

Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.
Worried about the environment? This Video is AMAZING.

This video could change your mind? Watch movie in its entirety till the very end. It will put things in perspective.

Are You a Winter Steelheader?


                                              Got Cracked Hands?

Your hands can get really banged up when you’re fishing. Or tying up spawn sacs. Just the cold dry air can dry them out and can crack them. Also leaders and fly line and can cut them up.  Hooks poke them.  Days with lots of rain can make them chapped and cracked as well.  

That why we recommend New-Skin.  It’s one of the best ways we’ve found to nip minor hand problems (line cuts, cracks, etc.) in the bud.  New-Skin Liquid Bandage is basically super glue with antiseptic in it.  It comes in a little bottle with a little brush.  When you get a minor cut on your hand, you brush on a little New-Skin, let it dry for a minute or so, and…dealt with.  The cut is covered, the antiseptic goes to work, and your  on your way to better days on the water, give it a try.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Release

Fish I got on video with the Go Pro. This was taken at the Ohio Fish hatchery  today.

The Run               

With Preparations completed on filming of the epic 2012 "The Run" Team E Media is excited to announce the official national network being the Sportsman Channel and their reach into 50 million homes. It will air 3 times weekly, with the Sportsman Saturday fishing block being the prime showing. Starts April 29th and runs until June 2013.

The Run is a 4 part mini series set to chronicle the annual salmon run beginning on Lake Ontario and continuing up New York's Salmon River. They will showcase the trials and tribulations of the people, businesses, and fishing guides that take part in this yearly natural phenomenon.
For the love of trout watch this video. For rivers are in beautiful places. And beautiful trout swim in there waters. Relax, have a glass of tea and enjoy this video. Then go take a nap and get up and go fishing life is short!

A small brown trout jumps at the end of my line.  Photo by Sandy Neuswanger.  Yes, the most popular photo on this website was taken by my mom when I handed off the camera to play this fish! From the Bois Brule River in Wisconsin.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

GLX deadlifthd

I thought this was great! I would never try it at Home kids! But GLX rods are awesome! Click on You Tube Link Below.
Top Image

Chicago flooding threaten to wash Asian Carp into Lake Michigan!

Rains have brought the Des Plaines River on the east side of Chicago to major flood stage and a record flood crest was expected yesterday. Asian Carp are present in the Des Plaines River and the flood event is capable of washing significant numbers of Asian Carp from the Des Plaines River into a canal that feeds directly into Lake Michigan. 
View Link:

See folks instead of just Chocolate Milk Rivers right now and unfishable waters.  We have other problems we need to be worried about. We need to keep Asian Carp out of our Great Lakes. Do not let this issue die. Its not going away.
Is this what we want? I do not think so!
List of my Favorite Magazines. Check them out below.