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Thursday, February 27, 2014

What are you doing this weekend?

Its Friday!!!!! YOU MADE IT!

So my Fishy Friends what are you gonna do this weekend? Thank God that here in Michigan we have a few things going on this weekend. At least I have something to do. Lord knows it won't be on the river! Tonight we have the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Ann Arbor. Hope to see everyone there. See link below for details or call Schultz Outfitters at 734-544-1761.

Next we have the Outdoorama going on this week and weekend. A outdoor show that covers everything out of doors. At least if you have cabin fever you can get out of the house and do something. Better bundle up though, Ole Man Winter is not done yet.

So sorry I have not had any adventures or my own fish pictures to share. But the good news is we made it through another work week. Bad news is Mother Nature is not co-operating with the Master Plan. The plan of getting out and catching some fish. There better be no excuses on your equipment NOT being ready, your fly box or tackle box better be full and ready to go. You have had all winter to work on these things. 

Below you will find some fish porn and a few videos for your pleasure. Today's blog post is short and sweet. Thanks so much everyone for your support, it means a lot to me. I think its so cool people out there are interested in what I have to say. At least sometimes anyways.

Feel free to comment or share what your doing this weekend in your neck of the woods.

I leave you with this:

"It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming."

Tight Lines my Friends.

Pautzke Pro Video

 Nothing wrong with a WILD 20 POUNDER!


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Monday, February 24, 2014

New Floating Mono Review

Today's tackle review will be on the Blood Run Tackle companies Floating Mono Salmon and Steelhead lines. This line is the World's first true floating mono that has conditioners and resins mixed in to make up the ultimate floating line. The folks at the company sent me some of these lines to test and review. This line will not absorb water so already this line is for the winter Steel header. I have tested a lot of lines over the years some good and some really bad. Allot of companies make attempts at producing good lines but many fail miserably to live up to a float fisherman's needs or standards.

I spooled my Kingpin Center pin reel up with a spool of 16lb test in color Orange. Rod used with line of choice was a G Loomis GLX III in a 13 ft. float rod. I found the line to be very visible while making my drifts. But I really liked how easy, I could mend the line without allot of resistance and very little disturbance to my float. This alone will help you catch more fish. Especially if you had to make a mend while going through the strike zone. This line is such a breeze to mend on long drifts.

The line floats high in the water column and is a Center Pin fisherman's DREAM. It comes in several colors. Hi Vis Orange, Pink, Artic Blue and Luminous Lime. So the line can be easily seen on those long HERO Drift's. Check the colors out!                                                     

    High Visible Colors

I found the line to be very abrasion resistant and tied knots that held with no slipage or breakage. This is one tough line! It comes in 200 yard spools in .32mm/.012 diameter. I would use this line for King float fishing no problem. If I was asked to rate this line from a scale of one to ten on overall performance I would give it a ten. I love this new line that much. 

I must say I love when a company supports the float fisherman and designs their products around our needs. That is why when they deliver you should support them as well. I know one thing; I will be using more of their products in the future. Please stay tuned to this blog we will be testing there fluorocarbon leader material next.

You should always spool up with some fresh line before the season. I posted a link to their website here on the blog. Get your order in today and get ready for some Spring Steel!

Tight Lines and Floats Down!

Fish Porn

A Fish'ism

WILD Steelhead Tribute

What an nice video. I think everyone that loves these special fish will like this tribute to the Mighty Steelhead.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Top 5 ways to improve your Center Pin Fishing

Right now here and everywhere, everyone is Salmon crazy. But lets not forget what follows up those Salmon in the rivers. The Fall Steelhead and that my friends is just around the corner. That's why were talking about the Center Pin reel. 

A Center Pin, what kind of reel is that? Is that a fly reel? I used to get those questions all the time from allot of anglers. But not anymore. The Center Pin Fishing technique that is growing BIG TIME. 

Here in the Great Lakes Region and Out West. The Steelhead Float Fisherman everywhere are realizing this set up is a tool. A set up that produces results and gives us that tug we all desire.

Every Steelhead fishermen knows the secret to catching more Steelhead is in the drift. How many times have you heard that? Its so true the current speed is the key to getting bit. That’s why Center Pins Rock.

Now these tips will make you a better float fisherman regardless if you cross over to the dark side or not. In upcoming months we will discuss rods, actions, lengths and line choices. All of which can affect your presentation. 

But in the meantime below are some tips to get you started on putting a whooping on your buddies and the FISH!

1.) Pay attention to your Float and the drift itself. If your Float is ticking that means you’re too deep. Reel in and adjust your float. Only a few inches at a time. Pay attention to your float is it facing up stream or down? Your float is telling you what your offering is doing underwater. It should ride straight up and down. The bait has to be moving at the right speed. If it’s moving too fast and at the wrong current speed = no bites.

      2.) Watch your line and mend often if need be. If your line is going ahead of your float you need to mend and slow that presentation down. Again current speed is crucial. The fish know how fast that meal should be moving. Especially on pressured fish and waters.

  3.) Depth is so crucial. Steelhead always tend to be near the bottom. The bottom is the sweet spot, remember that. If your bait is not in the strike zone = a missed opportunity. A lot of guys are worried about snagging bottom. Well here is the bottom line. The angler that loses the most hooks, flies or jigs is the guy that catches the most fish.

      4.) Always check the water clarity before deciding what you colors and sizes you’re going to use. If the water is low and clear than you should use smaller spawn sacs and jigs in pale colors. If the water is dirty then use bigger bags and baits with brighter colors.

      5.) Bait quality is actually the most overlooked item I think by a lot of anglers, even seasoned guys. You will spend thousands on rods, reels, tackle, clothes and equipment. But use some nasty spawn for bait. Always use fresh cured spawn that was handled and stored correctly. My favorite products to use are the Pautzke brand of products. Visit their website at The website has lots of videos on how to cure spawn correctly. And has a wealth of information on products and scents to help you became a better Steelhead Angler.


I hope these Top Five Tips will make you a better float fisherman. Whether you fish a Center Pin or not? Follow these simple 5 steps and you will be pulling on some Chrome this season. 

I leave you with this today:

"Money can't buy you happiness, but a new Steelhead Rod can" 

Fish responsibly my friends.


Floats Down, Fish On!

Centerpin Action from the Consummate Sportsman

 Big Bows on the PIN ROD

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jimmy Fallon, a Torch and Fishing?

The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon. Wow I can't believe it.  I remember when Carson passed it on to Jay Leno. Man I must be getting older, no S%*T right? By now your trying to put this together? Jimmy, a Torch and Fishing?

With Jimmy taking over The Tonight Show it made me think. How the torch gets passed on in life. That's just how it goes. I happen to like Jimmy Fallon very much and I think he is very funny. My per diction is he will do a great job.

But the point of today's post is we all get older. The torch gets passed on for everything in life. Including your wife selling your expensive fishing gear in a garage sale. If your lucky you can pass it on to your kids or family. That's what we all hope anyway. Point is my Steelhead Junkies it's all going to come to an end someday.

Better enjoy what time you have left,  before a Dude named Jimmy comes to take your S%*T!

I leave you with this today.

"I'd rather die while I'm living than live while I'm Dead" 

Go LIVE and FISH my Friends and never trust a guy named JIMMY!

Another Fish'ism

Product Spotlight on the BLOOD KNOT TOOL

I liked this product very much and made tying the blood knot much easier. Give it a try its super easy. I thought the price was a little steep but after thinking about it. The time saved tying knots vs getting back to fishing its a bargain. This tool would be indispensable to the fisherman. Available online everywhere even Amazon of course.

Nice Video from our friends at SOM Crew

Hartwick's Hoser Tube Fly

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Are you a River Wolf?

Happy Monday:

Are you a slave to the grind just like me? The weekend was way to short in my opinion! That's all I have to say about that. As we crawl back to work whether its a cubicle, your own office or an assembly line? We can't help but long for warmer temps and unfrozen rivers. As it gets daylight later and later everyday with the birds chirping in the morning. The smell of Spring is in the air my friends. 

The good news is, the rivers are teaming with staging fish for the Spring spawn already. Re read that if need be and that should get the blood flowing. We have a warm up coming at the end of this week. Re read that sentence to if you have to.

Are you a River Wolf while fishing for Steelhead? I hope to become a River Wolf and Hunt for my beloved Steelhead. I go Hunting not Fishing. That's my definition of a River Wolf. Some purists may not agree and not like me referring to there beloved fishing as hunting. I say to to each and his own. But before you judge or criticize me. Know I to only seek the beauty of the river. The thrill of the tug of the mighty Steelhead. And all fish I catch are released. So you see the Hunter and Fisher are the same in many ways. Maybe you too suffer from C.F.D. Compulsive Fishing Disorder.

Below you will find some photos, Fish'isms and some videos on Steelhead and Atlantic's. 

Enjoy the Fish Porn and get your gear ready my friends the HUNT is about to resume! Remember that this week and may it be an inspiration to help us make it till next weekend.

I leave you with this:

"Never insult a Steelhead by throwing a ugly fly"

Tight lines and screaming drags!

Steelhead Manifesto



Photo by Kelli Wong Photography

A Dipper with a STEELHEAD EGG by John McMillan 

One of my all time favorite Steelhead videos by Todd Moen starring Hannah Chole Belford. Steelhead Dreams Enjoy!

An ODE to the Atlantic Salmon


Under the Midnight Sun

Fishing for large Atlantic Salmon on the river Lakselva 
in Finnmark, Northern Norway

Under The Midnight Sun from Jesse James on Vimeo.

Monday Fish'ism 

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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Happy Hallmark Holiday!


Spring is fast approaching, we all hope, right? It is time to get geared up for Steelies! We would like to welcome one of our newest sponsors here on S & M. 

We want to say Thanks to the Great Lakes Steelhead Company for their support and the BEST beads on the Planet. The best part about the company is they also Steelhead fish. They are just as passionate about what they do, as we are.

I ask everyone out there to give GLSC your support, they are just regular folks like you and me. Check out all the different bead colors and sizes to choose from. The beads are quality and the fit and finish is perfection. You won't be disappointed that's for sure. Don't take my word for it check out there website at 

The surprise color for me this past fishing season was Steelhead Snot! Also, one of my new favorites is the New Scrambled Honey. 

The traditional orange and red colors do work, but try other colors. Especially on pressured rivers, don't be afraid to try the new UV beads in HOT colors. 

You should have an assortment of different colors and sizes at all times. They also sell jigs now too. If your not using beads yet don't miss out this spring! They are deadly on Drop Backs. No mess or fuss just Floats Down!



Here is some more Video FEESCH PORN to satisfy your cravings! I hope you get out this weekend and do something. Enjoy your weekend my friends.


Try this KNOT.

If your not getting out this weekend please try this fly pattern called Artificial Intelligence by Greg Senyo. This fly rocks! Its light and swings well and the Steelhead CRUSH it! 

Enjoy the VIDEO my smelly friends!



Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus size 2 - 1
Thread: UTC 7M0 or 120
Shank: 25mm Senyo shank
Trailer Loop: Senyo’s Intruder Wire or 30lb Fireline
Eyes: Senyodelic bead chain eyes (4)
Butt: Estaz
Body: UV Polar Chenille
Under Wing #1: Lady Amherst tail feather
Under Wing #2: Flashabou
Over Wing #1: Flashabou
Over Wing #2: Flashabou
Hackle: Schlappen, wrapped behind, through, and in front of the eyes
Collar: Guinea Feathers
Sides: Hareline’s Real Fake Jungle Cock
Favorite Colors: Gold/green, white/pink, and black/blue 

This Weeks Fish'ism

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Greetings my FISHY FRIENDS from around the World:

If you like what I have today, you might have gills? Below is some fish PORN. Its Wednesday Hump Day and you may need to look at some Monster fish in order to help you make it through the rest of the week! 

WORK can really suck sometimes, right? 

If these photos don't pump you up. Something is wrong with you! A friend of mine said he saw the first Robin (bird) already in Michigan. We are getting a warm up next week they say? 

I'm so ready for a warm up what say you? Make it a great day folks.

Bent RODZ everyone!