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Monday, February 24, 2014

New Floating Mono Review

Today's tackle review will be on the Blood Run Tackle companies Floating Mono Salmon and Steelhead lines. This line is the World's first true floating mono that has conditioners and resins mixed in to make up the ultimate floating line. The folks at the company sent me some of these lines to test and review. This line will not absorb water so already this line is for the winter Steel header. I have tested a lot of lines over the years some good and some really bad. Allot of companies make attempts at producing good lines but many fail miserably to live up to a float fisherman's needs or standards.

I spooled my Kingpin Center pin reel up with a spool of 16lb test in color Orange. Rod used with line of choice was a G Loomis GLX III in a 13 ft. float rod. I found the line to be very visible while making my drifts. But I really liked how easy, I could mend the line without allot of resistance and very little disturbance to my float. This alone will help you catch more fish. Especially if you had to make a mend while going through the strike zone. This line is such a breeze to mend on long drifts.

The line floats high in the water column and is a Center Pin fisherman's DREAM. It comes in several colors. Hi Vis Orange, Pink, Artic Blue and Luminous Lime. So the line can be easily seen on those long HERO Drift's. Check the colors out!                                                     

    High Visible Colors

I found the line to be very abrasion resistant and tied knots that held with no slipage or breakage. This is one tough line! It comes in 200 yard spools in .32mm/.012 diameter. I would use this line for King float fishing no problem. If I was asked to rate this line from a scale of one to ten on overall performance I would give it a ten. I love this new line that much. 

I must say I love when a company supports the float fisherman and designs their products around our needs. That is why when they deliver you should support them as well. I know one thing; I will be using more of their products in the future. Please stay tuned to this blog we will be testing there fluorocarbon leader material next.

You should always spool up with some fresh line before the season. I posted a link to their website here on the blog. Get your order in today and get ready for some Spring Steel!

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