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Friday, February 21, 2014

Top 5 ways to improve your Center Pin Fishing

Right now here and everywhere, everyone is Salmon crazy. But lets not forget what follows up those Salmon in the rivers. The Fall Steelhead and that my friends is just around the corner. That's why were talking about the Center Pin reel. 

A Center Pin, what kind of reel is that? Is that a fly reel? I used to get those questions all the time from allot of anglers. But not anymore. The Center Pin Fishing technique that is growing BIG TIME. 

Here in the Great Lakes Region and Out West. The Steelhead Float Fisherman everywhere are realizing this set up is a tool. A set up that produces results and gives us that tug we all desire.

Every Steelhead fishermen knows the secret to catching more Steelhead is in the drift. How many times have you heard that? Its so true the current speed is the key to getting bit. That’s why Center Pins Rock.

Now these tips will make you a better float fisherman regardless if you cross over to the dark side or not. In upcoming months we will discuss rods, actions, lengths and line choices. All of which can affect your presentation. 

But in the meantime below are some tips to get you started on putting a whooping on your buddies and the FISH!

1.) Pay attention to your Float and the drift itself. If your Float is ticking that means you’re too deep. Reel in and adjust your float. Only a few inches at a time. Pay attention to your float is it facing up stream or down? Your float is telling you what your offering is doing underwater. It should ride straight up and down. The bait has to be moving at the right speed. If it’s moving too fast and at the wrong current speed = no bites.

      2.) Watch your line and mend often if need be. If your line is going ahead of your float you need to mend and slow that presentation down. Again current speed is crucial. The fish know how fast that meal should be moving. Especially on pressured fish and waters.

  3.) Depth is so crucial. Steelhead always tend to be near the bottom. The bottom is the sweet spot, remember that. If your bait is not in the strike zone = a missed opportunity. A lot of guys are worried about snagging bottom. Well here is the bottom line. The angler that loses the most hooks, flies or jigs is the guy that catches the most fish.

      4.) Always check the water clarity before deciding what you colors and sizes you’re going to use. If the water is low and clear than you should use smaller spawn sacs and jigs in pale colors. If the water is dirty then use bigger bags and baits with brighter colors.

      5.) Bait quality is actually the most overlooked item I think by a lot of anglers, even seasoned guys. You will spend thousands on rods, reels, tackle, clothes and equipment. But use some nasty spawn for bait. Always use fresh cured spawn that was handled and stored correctly. My favorite products to use are the Pautzke brand of products. Visit their website at The website has lots of videos on how to cure spawn correctly. And has a wealth of information on products and scents to help you became a better Steelhead Angler.


I hope these Top Five Tips will make you a better float fisherman. Whether you fish a Center Pin or not? Follow these simple 5 steps and you will be pulling on some Chrome this season. 

I leave you with this today:

"Money can't buy you happiness, but a new Steelhead Rod can" 

Fish responsibly my friends.


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