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Monday, February 17, 2014

Are you a River Wolf?

Happy Monday:

Are you a slave to the grind just like me? The weekend was way to short in my opinion! That's all I have to say about that. As we crawl back to work whether its a cubicle, your own office or an assembly line? We can't help but long for warmer temps and unfrozen rivers. As it gets daylight later and later everyday with the birds chirping in the morning. The smell of Spring is in the air my friends. 

The good news is, the rivers are teaming with staging fish for the Spring spawn already. Re read that if need be and that should get the blood flowing. We have a warm up coming at the end of this week. Re read that sentence to if you have to.

Are you a River Wolf while fishing for Steelhead? I hope to become a River Wolf and Hunt for my beloved Steelhead. I go Hunting not Fishing. That's my definition of a River Wolf. Some purists may not agree and not like me referring to there beloved fishing as hunting. I say to to each and his own. But before you judge or criticize me. Know I to only seek the beauty of the river. The thrill of the tug of the mighty Steelhead. And all fish I catch are released. So you see the Hunter and Fisher are the same in many ways. Maybe you too suffer from C.F.D. Compulsive Fishing Disorder.

Below you will find some photos, Fish'isms and some videos on Steelhead and Atlantic's. 

Enjoy the Fish Porn and get your gear ready my friends the HUNT is about to resume! Remember that this week and may it be an inspiration to help us make it till next weekend.

I leave you with this:

"Never insult a Steelhead by throwing a ugly fly"

Tight lines and screaming drags!

Steelhead Manifesto



Photo by Kelli Wong Photography

A Dipper with a STEELHEAD EGG by John McMillan 

One of my all time favorite Steelhead videos by Todd Moen starring Hannah Chole Belford. Steelhead Dreams Enjoy!

An ODE to the Atlantic Salmon


Under the Midnight Sun

Fishing for large Atlantic Salmon on the river Lakselva 
in Finnmark, Northern Norway

Under The Midnight Sun from Jesse James on Vimeo.

Monday Fish'ism 

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