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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Are You a Winter Steelheader?


                                              Got Cracked Hands?

Your hands can get really banged up when you’re fishing. Or tying up spawn sacs. Just the cold dry air can dry them out and can crack them. Also leaders and fly line and can cut them up.  Hooks poke them.  Days with lots of rain can make them chapped and cracked as well.  

That why we recommend New-Skin.  It’s one of the best ways we’ve found to nip minor hand problems (line cuts, cracks, etc.) in the bud.  New-Skin Liquid Bandage is basically super glue with antiseptic in it.  It comes in a little bottle with a little brush.  When you get a minor cut on your hand, you brush on a little New-Skin, let it dry for a minute or so, and…dealt with.  The cut is covered, the antiseptic goes to work, and your  on your way to better days on the water, give it a try.

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