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Sunday, June 9, 2013

What a day!

 On Saturday I was bound and determined to get out and have some fun with the fly rod. I drove down to Ohio and spent the day with Steelhead Alleys own Mattrick! Matt and I have been buddies for years, brought together by our passion for pulling on Chrome. I woke up and loaded the truck with the gear headed down the highway. Of course I had to stop for a breakfast sandwich and a coffee, I have got to start the day fueled for my adventure.

We first visited a unknown creek that is full of little brown trout. STEALTH is all I can say on this venture folks. Those fish were very spooky so care had to be taken on not spooking the fish. We aught some little brown trout and had a blast. We caught one on a hopper and and the others on nymphing. We had no players for the dry flies.

The photo below shows what the vegetation  and trees should look like along a creek or stream. If you look close to the right of the photo you can see the bright sunlight lighting up the water. You can actually see the vegetation in the stream. That's why trout have disappeared from many streams in Michigan. I wished I had a real camera for this photo its really amazing how just a little sun light was showing through. This photo does not do it justice. Also there was a huge temp difference, it was like night and day. But through our logging practices from the past, it has taken its toll on the fish and the habitat.

We also tied up some Steelhead Spey Flies yesterday. We copied guide Kevin Fenestra’s Grapefruit Leech pattern. Matt says it’s a puke fly. Meaning in looks like someone threw up. But make no mistake, the fly shown here in the photo works great on Steelhead in Michigan.

We also stopped by a reservoir that was stocked with Bass, Crappie and Bluegill. I ended up catching 3 Bluegills and 3 Bass all on the fly. FUN, FUN, FUN! By the days end I was tired but fulfilled.

I then headed home and wrapped the day up some dinner and then watched a movie with my lovely wife. This trip was not filled with double digit fish by no means. Nor were the fish big. But I sure enjoyed the day, it was everything fly fishing. I will take that any day vs. working.

Life is good and way too short make the most of it.

Regards and Tight Lines!

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