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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Snagging Salmon

A message from Bryan Burroughs, Ph.D. Executive Director of Michigan Trout Unlimited…

I just received information about an upcoming meeting of concern and interest to Michigan anglers. Apparently, legislator Ray Franz is hosting a “Town Hall” meeting on September 9th at 4pm at the Norman Township hall in Wellston (on Seaman Rd., just south of m55), to explore the option of legislation to ALLOW SN...AGGING AGAIN. I heard that the focus of the meeting was supposed to generally be about “regulations and fishing on the Big Manistee”.

Apparently, his office has recently got some complaints about “over enforcement of the Tippy area”. However, a notice that went out today from his office about the meeting had it described as a meeting about allowing snagging again. I encourage you and anyone you know, to attend the meeting and voice your opinions and concerns about snagging and the regulations on the Big Manistee. 

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