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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Steelhead NO Ordinary Trout

Well I may come across warm and fuzzy when I talk about my beloved STEELHEAD. This fish has been around for millions of years and they are the fastest freshwater fish on the planet. Capable of moving 26 feet per second and can travel hundreds of miles, leap dams, planes, trains and automobiles! Not really but sounded good. By the way, off topic but that was a movie once and I would like to say I'm sooooo tired of Hollywood sequels. Okay moving on, if your a Steelhead Nut like me you know the drill and get the picture on what these fish go through to get where they need to go. Especially a wild Steelhead which numbers are dwindling out west.

This year has been lets just say a little slow. Have I caught fish? Yes I have, but not as many. Blame it on the DNR, or the Weather, Charter Boats or Slob Fishermen, take your pick? Bottom line I fish for many reasons like most. The ultimate goal is to hold a Steelhead in my hands and feel her take off on her own or maybe even splash me. Fight the fish and fool that fish into biting my offering. All of this goes hand in hand with the whole angling experience. And yes once in awhile I too keep a hatchery fish for the smoker or the grill.

When I have a year like this I seem to appreciate the fish more and the angling experience. I think here in the Great Lakes we get spoiled and take these fish for granted. I don't, won't and never will. So today's post is dedicated to the Steelhead No Ordinary Trout! I write this to remind everyone do not take these magical fish for granted. They sure are super special and if you do not fish for them, well I'm sorry.

To live is the rarest thing on earth. And if your not a Steelhead angler I'm sorry you haven't lived. Most people just exist in LIFE. I try not to be one of those people. So get your thermos ready and experience some Steelhead fishing.  My winter fishing time is my Soul Fishing Time. So Cheers to you and the fish.

The peace, solitude and tug awaits you this winter.


Photos courtesy of Matt Moisley a dude who catches GIANTS!

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