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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rollercoaster Steelhead

This weekend was a prime example on how weather can affect fishing. The photo below shows how fronts can affect the bite sometimes good and sometimes bad. Below is a chart of the barometric pressure from this weekend taken on my iPhone.

I try to avoid fishing in extremely low pressure (anything under 29.50) or High pressure situations (over 30.10). Low or High pressure or up and down swings can put the bite off for extended periods of time. Especially during the winter time when fishing for Steelhead. If you ever get calm stable weather these periods are the best. No matter what you fish for?

The fish will be in a co-operative mood with stable barometric pressure my favorite is 29.90 to 30.05. This means FISH ON! Hence why the plug fishing bite is a go too pattern for me during unstable pressure periods. I actually force them to bite on those days by invading their space in the run. Are you picking up on this nugget of info I'm laying down here?

Steelhead can be finicky but catch able even in bad weather. 
I still managed to put in a few Steelhead in the net this weekend. Why because the water temps are finally trending upwards here in the Great Lakes and we are FINALLY getting FRESH FISH to show up! 

If this weekend would have happened during the winter and the water temp was in the lower end of 32 degrees it would have been really tough to get bit.

The moral of the story pay attention to the barometric pressures and get the app for your phone. So many out there too choose from for the Droid and iPhone users.

Hang tough and put your time in, sometimes you can always find a few players willing to play the game.

Thanks so much for your continued support. 

May your landing nets always be heavy my Steelhead Friends!



Memes and Fish'Isms

Danny from OP with another GIANT!


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