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Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 Things Michigan Fly Anglers Do in Winter by James P. Spica Jr

I found this short article in the Michigan TU digital newsletter and thought I would share.

1.) Fish for steelhead with reckless abandon.

2.) Tie fly, drink whiskey, tie fly, drink
whiskey, drink whiskey, tie half a fly, drink
whiskey, go to bed.

3.) Make and eat chili, usually from venison,
usually gone in 24 hours.

4.) Nymph for trout who don’t want to eat.

5.) Travel to Bahamas with 8-weights,
shorts, forget sunscreen because forgot sun

6.) Tell self repeatedly that self is going to
clean and organize gear for coming spring.

7.) Scoff at ice fishermen, then feel a strong
desire to ice fish.

8.) Ogle pools and runs that are closed for
the season.

9.) Get some professional, academic or
house work done, finally.

10.) Stop professional, academic or house
work three-quarters of the way though and
go nymphing in the falling snow.

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