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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What method do you choose?

Today’s post can be controversial with some folks. Some will agree with me and some won't. If you don't agree. That's fine and you’re entitled to your opinion. If you can't get over it, than find another blog to read. Trust me there are many of them out there. I recently had a fellow send me a nasty message because I posted a photo of a West Coast Steelhead caught on a Pink Rubber Worm. He was pissed because it was a rubber worm and not a fly.

Choose your weapon whether it’s Spin, Pin, Plug or Fly. I applaud you for any method you choose. I personally do them all and find great satisfaction in all methods. Does that make me a bad person? It's my life, passion and pursuit. It's my right isn't it? I say we all need to stick together as fisherman or outdoorsmen. No matter what your title is or how you fish we need to stand up for conservation issues and the fish. 

So our future generations can enjoy them. That's also our JOB isn't it? We should leave it better than we found it right? 

Henry Ford said:
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is SUCCESS!

Let’s stop the infighting and support one another. If you’re like me and believe what I have posted today than this blog is for you. If you’re a Holier than Thou person who suffers from narcissism and think you should dictate what or how a person can fish; then move on and find another blog or how about start your own! 

Fishing for me is a passion and a life long journey. Life is too short. Fish for whatever you want by any methods you find enjoyable. You will have my support here. That’s what makes a blog so cool. We can express ourselves and share ideas or passions. I never dreamed this blog would receive the response it has gotten so far since April 20th 2013. 

Thanks again for all you support from all around the World. You are the reason I do this.



You don't see this everyday??

For the Fly Fisherman out there.

I found this video funny but good.

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