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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

" Selectivity: The Theory and Method of Fly Fishing for Fussy Trout, Salmon & Steelhead" Book Review

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Supinski once again last week. I even got to tie some flies with this very FISHY CAT on his Birthday with Schultz Outfitters. I cannot say enough about this mans knowledge on fly fishing. Every time I attend a seminar of his I learn something new. That's always refreshing, right?

I bought his book Steelhead Dreams many years ago and its still is one of my all time favorites. His new book Selectivity picks up where he left off in my opinion. This book is very technical in a lot of parts which I actually like. For the beginner fisherman this book has a wealth of knowledge, but even skilled anglers will learn a few things no doubt. Not mention you can always refer back to it as a reference manual. There is a lot of information in this book.

Being a book junkie I treasure all my books and my library. What I worry about the most is that my fishing gear and books will end up in a garage sale for a quarter when I die. That would be a shame for a book of this caliber. The photos in this book are amazing and very pleasing to the eye.

The first section of book covers the phases of selectivity: Aggressive/Active, Selective/Reflective, and the Passive/Dormant. It's key to learn these phases in angling in my opinion. Allot of the book is focused on Trout fishing and then moves on to Steelhead. My personal favorite in case you didn't know. Next is on the New Star here in the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Salmon.

Lastly the fly patterns and recipes in this book are just awesome. There is allot of them and worth the price alone. The fit and finish of the book is well made and comes with a dust jacket.

This book could be viewed as a reference manual and coffee table book all in one. It's an investment in yourself on this life long journey we call fishing and worth every penny for $40 bucks. Thumbs up to Matt Supinski on another fine job. I'm proud to add it to my library.

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May you always stay fishy and your waders be smelly.

Tight Lines.

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  1. Roger....I agree this book is great!! I'm sorry I missed the fly tying meeting the Wed. after our MWS meeting ... he is very knowledgeable and interesting. Wish all tight is the time. I went 2 for 4 on the bank today below Tippy. Going back w/Franny to fish the Little Manistee this weekend.