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Friday, April 4, 2014

Whats High, DIRTY and has Chocolate Milk?

Whats High, DIRTY and has Chocolate Milk? 

Our RIVERS of course!

That does not mean you get high and don't bathe? Although some of you at Steelhead Camp will be both! Conditions will be tough and damn near impossible to deal with this weekend.

I would be swinging some pretty BIG colorful flies or floating some Choker Bags the size of baseballs if I were you. High water means conditions are rough but not impossible. 

Keep in mind as we struggle to bring a fish to hand and get our rods bent. Why we fish and why we are out there this weekend. The river, the beauty and time spent with good friends. That's what it's all about.

Please be careful this weekend and be safe. If wading always wear a wading belt and use a wading staff. These two things could save your life. After all I need you. 

I need someone to read my ramblings!

To mix things up on today's post we will take a quote from Charlie Sheen.

Stay off crack! Drink chocolate milk.

Stay fishy my friends and may your waders be smelly this weekend!

Hawg Johnson I caught on the Manistee River.


Photo: Have any buddies that tell fish stories?

Nice Video

Steelhead Manifesto has been a fan of Kype since it's inception. And a few days ago we posted the press release that the magazine was changing hands. 

Here is the farewell issue best of 5 years. Thanks George for your friendship and we wish you the best. Aileen will do a wonderful job at the helm.  

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