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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Preachers Cast

If you have ever fished for Steelhead from a boat you have experienced the Preachers Cast! The act of casting upstream out of turn across someones Else's line. I have and this recently happened to me on a trip with a new cat to the Steelhead scene. By the days end we think we got the fisher of men to finally get it down. Only time will tell and for his sake I hope he gets it down. Or no one will ask the Ole' Boy to go fishing anymore. LOL

I wasn't mad, I just got frustrated a few times but not mad. This sport is all about patience, right? That's what they say anyways. Sorry I have been out and not posted anything in 2 weeks. I have good reason I have been fishing! That's a good reason I think. 

When I get some more time this week I will post some photos. I had one epic day on the water last Friday. No worries I will share when the time comes.

So today's post is dedicated to all the new people in our sport. Who accidentally practice the Preachers Cast and are nicknamed "Fisher of Men" have patience my friends and it's a wicked twisted road!

I leave you with this on Patience and your journey:

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” 

To all who practice the Preachers Cast this song is for you!


Obsession - Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout in Oregon from Mountain Made Media on Vimeo.


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