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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Legs of a Salmon

A face only a Mother could love!

Do you have the legs of a Salmon? I think not, no one does. Salmon don't have legs, right? But they are runners for sure. They have been breaking lines and straightening hooks since 1967 in the Great Lakes. That's the year the Michigan DNR planted them in the Great Lakes to control the alewife population.

Known for there ferocious strikes and a screaming drag as they take you for a ride up river. Anglers love them for the sport and they sure are tasty as well. I wish they were like a Steelhead. Instead of the salmon dying they could live again after the spawn and drop back to the big water. God wanted them to die after the spawn.

Hatchery vs wild fish can be a touchy subject with some people. I believe in both actually. Some people don't want any stocked fish of any kind. In Michigan the stocked Salmon have created one hell of a fishery and economy. I believe there has to be a happy medium for both when it comes to Steelhead, but that's another post for another day.

Matt Moisley with a PIG!

I know my brothers on the West Coast that subscribe to my ramblings know all about the Salmon and hatchery vs wild. But here in Michigan this fishery may be healthy in a lot of ways, but in other ways it's not. I have been worried about the Salmon fishery in the Great Lakes for the past few years now.

Will we have another crash, like the one on Lake Huron? I sure hope not. That part of the state has never recovered economically.

The Sport fishery in the Great Lakes alone contributes $4 billion dollars a year to the economy. That was with a B in case you missed that. It's a huge tourist attraction and a way of life here in and around the Great Lakes region. Not mention just an awesome game fish to catch.

So this weeks post is dedicated to the mighty King Salmon. As salmon season approaches and heats up. Help the fish out will ya? Report the snaggers and poachers. Put a fish back and for God sake leave them black dead boots alone. (Black dead boots: A Dying Salmon)

Thanks for stopping by and while your at work thinking about fishing here is a few videos to enjoy. I leave you with this today:

"When you feel neglected or sorry for yourself, think of the female salmon, who lays 3,000,000 eggs but no one remembers her on Mother's Day"

Tight Lines everyone


Some Chrome

Chilled Trout Served

Some more Salmon for good measure

Salmon weekend 2014 from Calle Lundqvist on Vimeo.

Fish'isms on tourists and stocked fish

What say you?

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