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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A man that Flys

Well when I was a kid my brother and I were big wrestling fans. One of our favorites was Jimmy Super Fly Snuka. A man that would fly off the very top rope or a 15 foot cage fence. We tuned in every week and were glued to the TV set. We both always wished we could go see a wrestling match.

Today I saw this video called "Superfly" and I said whoa! Jimmy does look like he once did. Well neither do any of us. Father time is not on our sides. The beauty of having your own blog is you can say what you want, it's yours. And although this has nothing to do with how to fish or the latest fishing product. It does remind me of how fast time goes. That's why I try to do what I love as much as I can and you should too. Because we're all going to end up down stream my friends.

Don't know if Jimmy is still wrestling because he loves it or because he has too to survive really? But even he will succumb to old age and have to one day give it up. His top rope days are over. That's one thing I hate to think about, but it's inevitable for all of us. I included a short video on Jimmy for you to watch.

So the moral of today's post is to remind you go fishing, you should fish as much as you can and enjoy your life everyday. 

One day were on the top rope, the next were on the second rope and then we can't really fly anymore. Don't believe me? Just ask Jimmy the Superfly.

Tight lines, screaming drags and bent rods forever!

Get your Winter Jig Bite on for Steelhead!

Be Inspired!

2014 Winter BC Steelhead DJI Phantom from W.YellowstoneFly/PescaPatagonia on Vimeo.

My family does use K-cups but the reusable ones. 

Check out this funny video and spread the word.

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